United States Marine Corps F4U “Corsair”

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This is one of the best interpretations of the corsair I’ve come across in some time. In fact, I could say the same about the majority of your products. Really happy to have discovered you. This is a great place to add to my collection. – Hawker Hobbies fanboy.

I have to agree and dissagree with you David. The Chance Vought Corsair, ncienamkd Whispering death’ by the Japanese was certainly a fantastic aircraft and I remember loving’ it as a child when constructing it as a plastic model. The gull wing design was very distinctive and made for an impressive looking aircraft but it was far from the first plane to have collapsible’ wings. In fact, Shorts, the British aircraft manufacturer, had patented the folding wing design in 1913 and manufactured a large number of early carrier borne aircraft with folding wings during the 1st world war. Even for the 2nd world war and USN the Corsair was a late comer in the folding wing department with the Grumman Cats’ beating it by a number of years, the Wildcat and Hellcat both had folding wings and were flying before the Corsair, and these aircraft were late comers too compared to the Royal Navy carrier born aircraft, even the might Fairy Swordfish biplane had folding wings!But the Corsair was an amazing aircraft a big step forward in aircraft design and the shape was something that would make you fall in love with it.

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