1987 Custom Chevy Camaro pic 5.2

1:24 scale Resin body- everything else is plastic. Inside this model: Swivel seats, 4 TV’s & Playstation w/Controllers, Sunroof, 3 Subwoofers, and 2 caps for the sound system.

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How did you make the windows? I am doing the same kit.

Hi Mike, the best plastic to use is called, ” thermoform” . It comes in .10 to .15 thousand sheets and can be cut with sharp hobby scissors. The best thing about thermoform is it’s ability to conform to any shape with the application of mild heat. You can get crazy shapes with thermoform so creating a relatively 2 dimensional windshield is no problem. This is much easier than carving a master pattern and vacuforming your windshield. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Dr. Hobby

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